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Why try skeeneffect products? Enhance the natural beauty of your skin!

skeeneffect kozmeceutiká nutraceutiká
skeeneffect kozmeceutiká nutraceutiká
Did you know that up to 89% of people are willing to invest more in better skincare products? If you are one of them, then you should get to know our Skeeneffect product lines developed in Slovakia. 

Interestingly, although many women are happy with their current skincare, statistics show that up to 80% of them are always looking for something better. And rightly so! You should give your skin what it really needs

At Skeeneffect, we develop cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals, product lines that consist of a combination of a cream and a nutritional supplement. Because we stick to the motto that if you want to have beautiful, radiant and healthy skin, it's important to nourish it not only on the outside, but also on the inside. And that's exactly what our concept is all about. 


We founded the Skeeneffect brand in 2023. Was it a difficult decision? Yes. If you want to create something innovative and something that will differentiate yourself from the competition in this day and age, you have to think deeply about it. In developing our product lines, we capitalized on our more than 10 years of experience in nutritional supplements and innovative ingredients..  

skeeneffect kozmeceutiká nutraceutiká

We know the individual ingredients, their effects and benefits in depth. Based on this, we have developed Skeeneffect creams and nutritional supplements that can effectively address a variety of skin imperfections and improve overall health not only externally, but also internally. 

Did you knowthe name Skeeneffect is made up of two words - Skin, which translates to skin, and Keen, which in turn speaks of zeal and the power of effects? Our main goal was to develop cosmeceuticals that have a positive effect on the beauty of the skin, and also overall health. 


At Skeeneffect, we do not go the way of quantity, but of quality. That's why, to start with, we have developed four basic ranges, the composition of which we have fine-tuned down to the smallest detail in collaboration with long-standing experts.

Skeeneffect Young Age 

Skeeneffect Youn Age Girls is a range aimed at reducing acne and calming the skin in girls up to the age of 20. Skeeneffect Young Age Boys are also developed, but these, as the name suggests, are suitable for boys up to the age of 20

The dietary supplement reduces sebum overproduction, increases resistance to oxidative stress, reduces skin inflammation, increases skin barrier strength, supports the skin microbiome, and promotes the production of structural proteins and activates skin cells that specifically produce collagen IV and collagen VII. Scientific studies have shown that with regular use of the cream, acne perimeter was reduced by 26.2%, the height of acne lesions was reduced by 15.0%, and the number of post-acne lesions was reduced by 20.7%.

Skeeneffect Ageless

This product line addresses issues such as wrinkles, premature aging of the skin or the reduction of pigment spots. It is suitable for women between the ages of 20 and 50. We have developed it with proper nourishment and hydration in mind.It contains active ingredients that have synergistic effects and these are aimed at improving skin elasticity, reducing wrinkles or restoring natural collagen production. 

Scientific studies have shown that regular use of the supplement resulted in a 44% reduction in wrinkles,, a 180% increase in the production of the skin's own hyaluronic acid and collagen, an 80% increase in skin hydration, a 26% increase in skin elasticity and a 10% reduction in dark spots. In turn, the cream reduces the roughness of the facial skin by 36%, reduces deep wrinkles on the facial skin by 28% and controls the skin barrier.

Skeeneffect Age Miracle

Skeeneffect Age Miracle cream and nutritional supplement is designed for women over 50 years of age and addresses complex skin problems, especially premature aging, smoothing wrinkles and replenishing important antioxidants. 

According to scientific studies, Age Miracle nutritional supplement effectively promotes the production of Collagens IV and VII, which are the building blocks of the dermal-epidermal junction in the skin, provides a 180% increase in the production of skin's own hyaluronic acid and collagen, an 80% increase in skin hydration, a 26% increase in skin elasticity, a significant increase in skin density, and reduces skin fatigue by 15%.

In turn, the cream significantly increases skin hydration by 33%, increases skin elasticity by 20%, effectively increases the concentration of collagen, elastin and skin nutrients, which leads to an increase in skin density and and significantly reduces the visibility of wrinkles by 26%, In addition, its strong efficacy shows a specific effect on vertical wrinkles, which are the most difficult to reduce. After 2 months, moderate and deep vertical wrinkles are significantly reduced, especially those located in the upper lip area.


At Skeeneffect, we have become more interested in sustainable natural products that emphasize health as a tool to achieve desired results that could not only make us more beautiful, but to improve our overall health. 

We take into consideration the individual, taking into account all factors, their emotional and mental well-being, lifestyle, physical activity, sleep, hydration, prevention, stress and so on to positively affect their overall health and well-being. Therefore, our innovative products are not only aimed at promoting skin health, but enhancing overall health as skin is related to multiple functions in the body. 

Interesting factAt Skeeneffect, we work in collaboration with expert physicians who specialize specifically in dermatology. Our products are therefore safe and can address even the most serious skin imperfections.


We have adopted the principle of a holistic approach. Here at Skeeneffect, holistic beauty starts with ingredients. Our philosophy is to bring new scientific knowledge to reality and come up with the next generation of nutritional supplements and skincare. With new molecules, we promote healthy and glowing skin inside and out, the "beauty inside & out" principle.

skeeneffect kozmeceutiká nutraceutiká

We have developed a collection of science-based skin care and oral supplements that are packed with the highest optimal doses of active ingredients, without aggressive ingredients. Our active ingredients in cream and nutritional supplement are formulated based on molecular science, meaning that the active ingredients work at the cellular level, harnessing the synergies of internal mechanisms within the cells and thus guaranteeing the efficacy of the final products. The key to the high efficacy of our products is compared to more affordable products. is the higher percentages of each ingredient compared to more affordable products. For example, a higher content of hyaluronic acid.


Having healthy skin has a lot to do with the choices people make every day. You can't cover up unhealthy habits with a good moisturizer. Skin care with Skeeneffect products promotes positive change to improve skin from the inside out, instead of relying on some kind of "miracle product." Skin care with Skeeneffect products is the natural way to make you look and feel better.

At Skeeneffect, we are constantly innovating and improving our products, taking care of greener production methods and participating in creating a better future. You desire healthy and beautiful skin without imperfections? Experience the power of our biologically active substances in Skeeneffect products and give your skin all the important nutrients it needs to be healthy, young-looking, and free of self-conscious imperfections.