Get to know Ageless cream - the key to youthful and healthy skin

We present a brief overview of the unique active substances that form the basis of our innovative Ageless.


This unbranched polysaccharide is a natural part of the human body. Biological effects vary depending on its molecular weight As an active substance, it is also used in skincare.

Ageless cream contains hyaluronic acid of standard, medium, and low molecular weight with different mechanisms of action.

The role of standard hyaluronic acid with a molecular weight of 1.3-2.3MDa is t hydrate and create a barrier on the skin surface (epidermis) against pollution.

The hyaluronic acid with a molecular weight of 0.15-.3MDa penetrates the epidermis, intending to increase the production of barrier components effective against inflammation and pollution. It also positively affects sebum production and affects the skin microbiome.

Low-molecular hyaluronic acid with a molecular weight of 10-150 kDa penetrates deep into the dermis - where it increases the production of its hyaluronic acid and collagen to reduce wrinkles and support the skin microbiome.

Our preparation also contains hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, made from high-molecular hyaluronic acid, which maintains its moisturizing properties, stimulates blood microcirculation in the epidermis, and affects the skin microbiome.


Nona peptides are fragments of the Klotho protein, a natural human anti-aging protein (gene of aging) that stimulates the cellular protection mechanism. These peptides support collagen formation, increase hydration, and protect against adverse environmental influences.

The Klotho gene, which first appeared in scientific studies concerning aging, plays a significant role in regulating various signaling pathways that affect the body’s aging. The name of the Klotho gene originates from Greek mythology, where the goddess Klotho wasresponsible for spinning the threads of life. She also had the power to decide who would be saved or killed.

Nona peptides represent a new chapter in the fight against skin aging Their ability to influence cellular processes and create collagen and elastin makes them a promising ingredient in cosmeceutical products.


Schizophyllan is an active substance produced from the mycelium of the Schizophyllum commune fungus, with with an excellent effect on the skin microbiome. It is mainly used in cosmetics for its ability to bind water. This biopolymer can create a thin, hydrating layer on the skin that helps ensure long-term hydration. This is especially important for dehydrated skin that needs intensive care and moisture retention..

In addition to hydration, schizophyllan also soothes the skin. Its gel texture can help reduce redness and irritation and improve overall skin tone.


is a clinically proven natural combination of Mediterranean rosemary and grapefruit extracts that protects the skin against adverse environmental influences from the inside. For more information, please read our blog.

Details can be found in a separate blog to follow.

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NaturaTec Marine CellShield AP is a substance representing protection against environmental stress. It contains Pavlova Lutheri extract from microalgae. It was named in honor of Anna Pavlova, the first ballerina to found her own company. She performed all over the world and was an inspiration to a whole generation of ballerinas.

The extract is rich in EPA and DHA long-chain omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids improve the skin, create a protective barrier, and suppress inflammation. Microalgae extract is also rich in beta-carotene, which protects the skin against oxidative stress, and plant sterols, which improve skin hydration.

NaturaTec Marine CellShield AP affects the production of procollagen. It is a precursor, i.e. a cornerstone of collagen type 1. This type of collagen contributes to higher resistance, flexibility, and elasticity of skin Its production naturally decreases with aging and the influence of external factors. Thanks to the stimulating effect of NaturaTec Marine CellShield AP, the natural production of collagen increases by up to 26%.

NaturaTec Marine CellShield AP active substance:

  • Increases cell viability and improves skin health
  • Improves the skin's protective barrier and fights inflammation
  • Protects the skin against oxidative stress
  • Keeps your skin hydrated 
  • Reduces pigment spots 
  • Increases the homogeneity of the skin, while the effect is already visible after a month of applying the cream

The fundamental composition of the cream in our formulation positively affects the reduction of dark spots and increases the homogeneity of the skin. The result is already noticeable after a month of applying the cream.